Travel Safety

Great beaches are big, wide, and sandy. It’s a dream for catching rays and waves, but: Where do you put your stuff? And how do you keep your stuff safe and prevent it from getting stolen at the beach? The easiest answer is: don’t bring it. But you’ll still need […]

Safety’s a big travel concern for women, especially solo women travelers. While most people you meet will be fine, there are always those with questionable intentions. But you want to have a relaxing, stress-free vacation without having to worry about pickpockets or worse. Luckily, there are plenty of cool gadgets

I always feel a bit of anxiety when I drop my suitcase at the airport check-in desk. Despite many trips, I’ve only had to deal with lost luggage a couple of times. But luggage goes missing a lot, either from negligence or theft, and there are things you can do

There’s a lot of reasons to love solo female travel. Unwanted male attention is not one of them. Unfortunately, moving through the world as a woman comes with its own set of problems. Even in places that are generally known as modern, progressive, and “developed,” such as Europe, women deal

Festivals like those in Ibiza and on the beaches of Thailand can be the single motivation for travel. You’ll get music, people making out with strangers, music and great energy, and you’ll get theft. It’s also not your safe(r) homeland. But hey – party on, and the party vibe of

Hostels are an affordable accommodation option for travelers. They’ve been around for a long time, since way before iPhone and even the Internet. Even with Airbnb and the many other options, hostels are still great places to meet other travelers and if you’re traveling alone, you can meet people and

Travelers like you and me want to have that epic story to post to our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and tell our family when we get home. Travel lets us check many things off our bucket lists, and dangerous activities are easily had. Of course, you want to survive them

Women traveling alone face a very different set of issues than men do. Male solo travelers can generally choose their destinations based on their physical and financial ability, and overall safety. Women, however, are much more affected by issues such as sexism, religion, gender equality, security, and even hygiene products.

You’re trying to enjoy the exotic scenery, perhaps going for dinner, and in a flash, you hear a ripping sound and see someone running off. Your backpack has an ugly gaping hole and your $2,000 Sony camera is…gone. You’ve been bag-slashed. So, how can you prevent getting your bag getting

You expect your hotel room to be safe. And usually it’s very safe in any developed country. But in poorer areas, backpackers areas (like Bangkok’s Khao San Road), and anywhere security is questionable, you put a lot of trust in your hotel security. To stay safe in a hotel room,