Recommendations: $75 per city

Our concierge lists include general travel tips, suggestions, and restaurant recommendations by city. There is a $30 fee for follow up questions and for each additional or subsequent email request per city. This fee does not apply if we're planning your itinerary and you fall within another fee framework.

Flight bookings: $75 per person

This includes roundtrip or multi-city flights and is limited to 3 flights per person. Unfortunately airlines no longer work with travel agencies and travel consultants in that they pay no commissions and offer no special discounts. However, booking flights can be time consuming and confusing, not to mention the potential for making mistakes--wrong dates, poor connections, even wrong departure cities! We can provide that extra level of service for you.

Tour manager services: $225 per day

Traveling with a tour manager means you have a built-in concierge during your trip. The tour manager makes sure the logistics of your trip go smoothly, helps you with special requests along the way, offers cultural information and travel tips, orients you to each city, walks you to that market or site that might be hard to find on your own, recommends favorite restaurants, and helps you arrange your free time plans. Tour Manager travel expenses will be fully disclosed in advance.

(For groups up to 10; for larger groups, please inquire, + travel expenses (these may include, but are not limited to, travel, hotel, per diem, admissions)

Basic itinerary planning: $349 - $499+

We'll help you create a customized general itinerary or help you find a reliable tour operator that meets your specific needs. No cookie cutter approach here: we'll discuss with you via email or Skype your particular wishlist and travel dreams. We'll provide specific travel tips, suggestions, and restaurant recommendations for your itinerary. You will book the trip yourself.

*$349 (trips lasting 3-7 days) , $399 (trips lasting 8-12 days), $499 and up (trips lasting more than 12 days)

Deluxe trip planning: $160 per trip day

We'll consult extensively with you to determine your needs and preferences in order to create a just-right detailed, customized itinerary, provide you with specific travel tips, suggestions, and restaurant recommendations for your itinerary, and book the land portion of your trip for you. You will receive digital final documents, and we will confirm all services for you.

*For groups of up to 6 people; for larger groups, please inquire

Benefits of the Fee-Based Model

    • We offer an exceptional value for your travel investment by providing travel expertise, personal relationships with suppliers, a high level of support, and extensive experience throughout Italy and beyond. A good travel designer takes time to discover your interests, your wish list, and your budget.


    • We can save you money. With our connections, you may very well net better deals at better locations with a few upgrades or perks thrown in.
    • We can save you time. The glut of travel options is staggering for most consumers, but a well-connected travel designer has the knowledge and connections to do it for you.
    • In some cases, we can book the unbookable. Networked designers, as we are, can often arrange private or unusual experiences. And, as Lonely Planet author Robert Reid says, “Even if you could find some of these special experiences yourself, [a designer] can save hours of research.”
    • Many suppliers of travel are now paying little to no commissions to travel designers, but that doesn't matter to you because, unlike many sellers of travel, We are not going to pressure you to buy a particular product or service based on who pays us the most commission. Not at all. We're looking out for you, helping you create your dream trip. Not pushing our own agenda.
    • Our contacts in Italy are proven and reliable, and are, in many instances, now friends. Italians are very good to their friends, and they treat our clients with extra care. We have each spent time living in Rome, and know the country well. You benefit from our experience and expertise.

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