Italy Tipping Guidelines

As Americans we’re used to tipping in restaurants and for certain services, but when traveling abroad we are easily confused by what is customary and considerate. Every destination varies in tipping practices, but in Italy you can generally consider:

Porters/bellhops: €1 per bag, per service

Concierges: generally a small tip is appropriate and appreciated if the concierge has provided any special service to you such as booking tickets or making dinner reservations. Use your discretion, but €5-10 is reasonable.

Waiters/Waitresses: these folks do not work for tips but are provided a living wage. Still, tipping to show appreciation for good service is customary even among Italians. Ten percent is too much, but a few coins or rounding up the bill is reasonable and considerate. Keep in mind tips must be left in cash at the table and are generally shared among the service staff.

Private drivers: whether you have a private car or are on a multi-day coach trip, it is appropriate to tip the driver for good service. Unless you have traveled long enough with your driver to develop a rapport and you want to tip more heavily, €5-10 per person is reasonable.

Taxis: it is general practice to round up the taxi fare to the nearest Euro or “rounded” number. For instance, €7.30 might become €8 or €22.90 might become €25.

Private guides: guides in Italy are licensed professionals. They have earned their credentials in a program as rigorous and long as a college degree program, and they are experts in their field. They usually charge corresponding guide fees, but tips are both considerate and appreciated. Similar to your drivers, unless you have spent enough time or days with your guide to develop a rapport and you want to tip more heavily, €10-20 per person/couple is reasonable.

Group guides: €5-10 is reasonable depending upon the quality of the tour.

Free walking tour guides: €10-20 is reasonable depending upon the length and quality of the tour.

Tour managers: these are the people who travel with you on your group or private tour over the course of several days or weeks. They generally work 12-16 hours a day for 10-14 days in a row, often behind the scenes in addition to the hours they spend with you. They function as a concierge, problem-solver, logistics coordinator, entertainment planner, and host. They are usually experts in their field, and have years of experience leading travel. $10-15 per day, per person is customary and reasonable depending upon the level of service. Depending upon how much time they spend in Europe, they may prefer tips in Euros.

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