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There were 2,025,206 inbound visitors to my home country, Kenya, in 2018, which was 600,000 more than in the previous year. Many of these people came for the nature, for safari. Thanks to the high concentration of the big five and other animals unique to this part of the globe, […]

Known for its beautiful mosques and enchanting medinas, Morocco is a country to lose yourself in. The culture is a wide blend of its vastly different neighbors; Spanish to the North, Sub-Saharan Africa to the South, and Arabic to the East. There is so much fascinating history and culture to

Brazil is certainly not the safest country in the world. Its crime level ranks “very high“, and it otherwise ranks comparably high for pretty much any type of crime other than racially related hate crimes. That’s because it’s diverse, very diverse. And very big. To stay safe in Brazil, you

Nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica brings its own personality and uniqueness to travelers visiting Central America. Known for its vast rainforests and protected wildlife, Costa Rica is the perfect place to relax on the beach, and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in nature. From surfing

Want to stay safe in Thailand? Take every smile with a grain of salt for starters. But soon you’ll realize how things flow and how to keep a low profile. Then you’ll really have some fun and you won’t wake up with your wallet and a kidney gone. Safety in